Can I Find a German Dictionary in the Form of a List Containing All?

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Can I find a German dictionary in the form of a list containing all the words, online or PDF? I'm not interested in the search engine type of dictionary.

A paper dictionary is ultimately limited in the amount of information it can contain by it's form. Being a physical object, a paper dictionary is relatively immutable where as online dictionaries can continually expand and revise as languages grow and change. In most cases this is a major disadvantage for paper dictionaries as t become outdated over time. The old red Miriam-Webster College Dictionary I had growing up is tremendously out of date now, you'll find nothing that's been invented since the internet inside of it's pages. There are a few cases where the immutability of the paper dictionary is an advantage, for instance if you are trying to understand how the meanings of words have changed over time, you could compare older dictionaries to newer or online ones. I was told that a dictionary under its paper form (more specifically the shorter oxford dictionary) has a lot more information on the different meanings of a single word and its use. I doubt the short Oxford dictionary is substantially more useful than the Oxford pro site. This wording and intent of this question has been revised, and the original answer is no longer satisfactory. ------------------------------------ Original wording of this question "What can a dictionary tell me that the web can't?" Original Answer to this question What a paper cut feels like. ----------------------------------- The additional explanation to my original answer that I am adding because it was collapsed as a joke answer. Absolutely all of the information you can find in a normal dictionary you can find on the web, I'm sure you could pull down pdf's of actual dictionaries to your e-book reader off the internet if you want. The physical experience of getting a paper cut from the super thin paper pages of a dictionary is an experience you cannot get on the web. You can probably find videos on youtube of people getting paper cuts and then whining about it, but you cannot actually experience it for yourself.

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If you are really interested in your definition's you can go to an actual dictionary store (which is unlikely) or you can google it, I don't know of anyone who has even bothered to search through those databases. (I'm sure it's easy to find some, but it would be impossible to search through an entire internet dictionary). The problem I encountered with a dictionary was that I never had it in front of me. It is an actual physical object and there were several other students at my university who would occasionally ask about definitions. If you want to learn about dictionary definitions you have to actually have actual dictionaries sitting around in front of you. A dictionary, with its many pages, will never display all the information inside. For each page there is a key word, a definition, and a sentence (or more), you can't just.