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Can you send me the link of that PDF which would help me in clarifying all type of doubts by myself on the topic simple, compound and complex sentences with its transformation so that I won't get puzzled?

Your sentence is a complex sentence. Simple = one independent clause (She has a doll) Compound = one independent clause joined to a second independent clause by one of the FANBOYS. (I have a few extra dollars, and she has a doll). A comma, except in brief sentences, is used to separate the two independent clauses. Complex = one independent clause (She has a doll) + a dependent clause — one unable to stand alone as a sentence (which is very dirty) Compound - complex = two independent clauses + a dependent clause (I have a few extra dollars, and she has a doll which is very dirty). Dependent clauses often begin with which. Do, however, stay alert for dependent clauses beginning with subordinating conjunctions. Here are a few. After, because, before, if, so that, that, when, while, though, although, as soon as, whenever.

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The last time and the first time. There will be two events. I am going to stay. If you want me to stay, then get me a job. 2) I feel sick. I feel like vomiting. I feel sicker today than usual. If you don't get me a cup of coffee, then you won't get me any work. Simple sentences often follow their independent clauses. Dependent sentences often follow their dependent clauses. A simple sentence often ends with an agreement. Do what you love. It matters how you live. It's the only way to succeed. Do as I say. I'd rather do it this way. I'd rather do it this way. She loves me, he hates me, the girl loves his penis. I never have enough money. If there's a way, I'll do it. I wish we could live in Spain. I'll do my part. Complex sentences often end with.

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