How Do I Avoid a Headache While Reading PDF Books?

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How do I avoid a headache while reading PDF books?

First see your primary care doctor for a complete health work up—then a neurologist if he thinks it necessary. This is especially important if the headaches started suddenly. If t don’t find anything wrong (which is quite common) then look back to what happened 6 months ago—were you in an accident and maybe had whiplash? Did you have any suspicious insect bites (Lyme disease does not always show up as the bulls eye rash) and Lyme can cause head aches. Significant change in your diet for some reason? Is there possible mold in your home(with all the flooding recently there is a lot of mold growing in many places)? Did you have headaches prior to this but then t just became worse—try an elimination diet to see if there is something triggering them—for many gluten is a problem, wine and beer could be the culprit. Did you start a new job that is stressful or you are sitting in one position too long? So many factors can be involved—you will need to do a bit of detective work. I do agree with Anthony to get good sleep and drink plenty of water however I would say that massage and acupressure are the best ways to help if you are having headaches from tension! Relaxing the muscles/fascia is much more effective and safer than having chiropractic adjustments. Let us know what you find out.

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The above blog is one of my favorites and I always see people coming back to it. This post is NOT meant to hurt or insult anyone. This post is merely an explanation of why I am so adamant about having a comprehensive exam and diagnosing Lyme disease.   Some of you may see the name 'Lyme disease' and wonder what the big deal is. I'm going to leave the specifics up to YOU. What is the best way to treat your Lyme disease and is it Lyme? One way I find is through a complete physical. Why? A physical exam is needed early on and will provide you with a lot of answers. A chronic and relapsing (long, slow onset) type of Lyme disease does not easily show up on a physical exam (except perhaps during fever and/or a skin rash).  If you are in a chronic, relapsing stage of Lyme.

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