How Do You Use Your Tablet?

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How do you use your tablet?

I use my iPad for surfing the web, reading PDFs and eBooks, listening to music, watching videos, reading up on reference materials in Evernote/Instapaper and the occasional doodle on Paper. Now before anyone condemns me for "underutilizing" my iPad, here's why I do what I do — “When I eat, I use the utensil that best serves my needs.“ The quote is from http.// The tablet remains a device primed at consuming. Unlike the desktop and laptop, its primary I/O input is the screen, of which is original purpose is but display hitherto. Yes, the onscreen keyboard indeed does serve as an I/O but how productive can the average user be? Digital artists aside, the screen is unable to serve as a perfect substitute for system input. As such, it is my humble opinion that the tablet cannot fully replace a full-fledged computing device for work, and it remains a lightweight-computing device for consumption. If there's anything the tablet replaced, it's the netbook.

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However, the netbooks have become a niche in the market for a reason; even though they were a very inexpensive device, they were quite limited in terms of functionality and capabilities due to their poor battery life. The tablet is capable of powering multiple tablets — this is a blessing and a curse. However, the best aspect of the tablet would be its ability as a productivity device.