Im Searching Online for My Nursing Book And I Found Two Different?

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I'm searching online for my nursing book (.PDF) and I found two different types of covers but they both have the same name. Do they differ in content?

Where are you? What other languages do you use.? If you are enrolled in college or university, go meet the nearest reference librarian. T can be very helpful. If you are not enrolled in college or university, go to the nearest public library and meet with a reference librarian. Reference librarians will show/teach you how to use CINAHL, PubMed and/or Medline to search the nursing literature for recent research in the nursing journals. if you do not have library access of any kind, use the internet and Google "how to use PubMed," and " how to use CINAHL," Learn to search CINAHL and PubMed for nursing journals. Most nursing journals publish research in every issue. Second, Google "online nursing journals." I have access to several quality journals without any access problems. This may vary by location. It would be helpful to know where you live. It is okay to ask a follow-up question with more details.

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Thank you for reading, and I look forward for our interactions soon. Kind regards, Ms. Amy My response: Ms. Amy, You've written that you have chosen nursing in part to get “a birds-eye view into the minds of the greatest thinkers that ever lived.” I would have said the same thing in response to your question about why I chose nursing. I chose it because of its potential to transform lives and because you and I share many of the same values about our country and people. As you put it, a “birds-eye view into the minds of the greatest thinkers that ever lived” has made nursing more like a profession in my experience. If you can make this choice, so can I. I believe that our values and beliefs serve us well as nurses as long as we strive to make our profession the best that it can possibly be. I'm aware.