Is there Any Law in Your Country to Protect the Right of Individuals?

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Is there any law in your country to protect the right of individuals with ADHD? What type of disorder is ADHD? Do females and children face more problem with ADHD disorder? PDF Available from:

Hi Karl, The first step is to go for a formal diagnosis from a licensed clinical psychologist even if it means that you need to hunt for one or opt for online consultation. Yes, the details in your comment, mirror ADHD traits like working memory challenges and absent-mindedness. Many adult ADHDers also miss the structure that childhood provides. ADHDers have strengths like the creativity that can stem from their ability with non-linear thinking and resilience as a result of their ability to hyperfocus on things that t are really interested in doing. There are ways in which you can manage the negative symptoms accruing from ADHD. Lifestyle changes, Life-skills training, Medication, and therapy are all known to benefit ADHDers. Bests,

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