My Blood Type Is O+?

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My blood type is O+. My parents are B+ and AB+. I read that combinations that can occur for parents BB or BO (Type B) and AB (Type AB) are only B, A or AB children. How did I get O+ blood type?

No it’s not possible. First, let me explain the ABO blood groups. A = AA or AO B = BB or BO AB = AB O = OO You need to get an O allele from both parents to have blood type O. The AB parent has no blood allele to give, so his child can’t be blood type O. But there’s a few ways a parent with blood type AB can have a child with blood type O. If that parent is cis-AB (that is carrying A and B alleles on the same chromosome) and the other allele is O, the parent will have the alleles (AB)O and may pass the O allele to his/her child. If the child also receives an O allele from the other parent, he/she will have blood type O. Another way is if the child has Bombay Phenotype (hh). This child will not produce any antigens so he will be genetically tested as O even though he’s actually A, B or AB. While it’s very rare for a parent with blood type AB to have a child with blood type O, it’s still possible.

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This is why you will likely hear people say “I've got B, I've got A,” when looking at their mother’s blood type but not when looking at their father’s. So in the scenario in question, the woman was carrying both an O and an A allele. However, her child's A allele was the result of a mutation that was transmitted only to that parent, so there’s no problem. Now this doesn’t mean that the woman could have a baby that also came from a line of genetic disease. She would still need to get her AB or O blood drawn, just in case her child had the Bombay Phenotype. So if you have a question (or an issue) about whether a certain blood type is correct for you, you should let us know. Comment below if you’ve got more questions on the topic whether your blood type is.