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When submitting a resume, what file type is preferable (E.g. PDF, word, ect)?

Should a resume be sent in PDF or in doc format? Send it in whatever format is requested. If none is requested, then I prefer PDF since it is designed to “look the same” no matter how it is displayed or printed. Docs come close, but are more likely to look odd or wrong if the receiver is viewing it with an odd (default) template or some other unusual settings in their word processor. It’s easier to TRUST a PDF than a Doc to view correctly.

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

Do you prefer having your resume on file in a directory, on a CD-ROM(?) or on an Internet site? In the latter case, consider uploading it to a server of your choice instead of using a personal blog. The downside in having your resume on file in a directory and only having access to it through a CD. (If I wanted to use my own Website then I could simply take the CD out to it and put my resume there instead.) But the upside is that I only HAVE to remember one place to go after I get hired. To view and print, I only HAVE to go to: and then click on Browse my personal Website You will only have to do this once, so you might as well make it easier for somebody else. Of course your resume.doc file can be printed anywhere and the same rules apply for that format..